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Zooted Premium 4 Piece Grinder 63mm - Rose Gold

Zooted Premium 4 Piece Grinder 63mm - Rose Gold

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The Newest Item From Zooted Brandz! If its not Zooted, Its Not Important! 
What Included? 

Heavy duty aluminum grinder
Sharp teeth
4 piece 
2.5 inch (63mm)
Bag Cover 
Rose Gold with Magnetic Lid
Hard box 

These Zooted Premium 4-piece grinders are the ideal choice for your grinding needs. With a quarter locking function that allows you to access the contents easily, it is the absolute epitome of convenience and great functionality. You can easily clean it as it boasts a removable screen that can be thoroughly cleaned to avoid blockage. The deep compartments on all 4 pieces provide you with the facility to use it as a condiment or herb storage container as well. Crafted using heavy grade Aluminum material, the grinder features sharp teeth that allow you to avail a smooth grinding experience so you attain a fine grind every single time. 
Don’t like to use traditional and dull grinders to grind your herb? Go trendy with this Rose Zooted Heavy Duty Aluminum Four Piece Herb Grinder. It is perfect for those who love to see the world through a rose-colored lens!

This 3-stage handy herb grinder not only makes for a fancy piece of collectible but is equally marvelous at its work. Its sharp teeth chisel through the coarse pieces of herb and give you evenly churned material to whiff off.
Enjoy the perfect grind today!

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