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Zooted Premium 4 Piece Grinder 63mm - Gold

Zooted Premium 4 Piece Grinder 63mm - Gold

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This premium grinder includes sharp teeth and four pieces, measuring 2.5 inches (63mm) in diameter, complete with a bag cover, scraper, and hard box with a magnetic lid.

With its effortless grinding experience, this Zooted grinder is the perfect tool for all your grinding needs. The quarter locking function makes it easy to access the contents, providing maximum convenience and functionality.

Cleaning this grinder is a breeze thanks to the removable screen, ensuring there's no blockage. The deep compartments on all four pieces make it an excellent condiment or herb storage container. Made from heavy grade aluminum material, the grinder's sharp teeth allow for a smooth grinding experience, giving you a fine grind every time.

Experience the envy of others as you use your brand-new high polished Zooted 4-piece herb grinder, providing an attractive and efficient way to churn out your herb evenly with just a few twists using this 3-stage Zooted grinder.

Enjoy the perfect grind today!

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