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Water Pipe Funnel Perc Recycler (Milky Pink)

Water Pipe Funnel Perc Recycler (Milky Pink)

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Recycle Your Dabs

This bent neck water pipe sits at 7"/17.78cm. Made from handblown borosilicate glass, it's able to withstand extreme temperature changes. Equipped with a fixed downstem, this piece forgoes a fragile, removable one. Choose what you'd like to smoke by switching between the 14mm glass-on-glass bowl or quartz banger. The bowl can be filled with flower or placed down without worry of it rolling away due to its handle. The quartz banger lets you easily hit dabs and is a more efficient method than older style domes and nails. Peek inside the chamber to catch a glimpse of the showerhead percolator, there to break up the smoke and leave you with a smooth hit. A recycler or funnel percolator allows the water to go with the flow of the smoke helping to keep the hit cleaner and more effective. This mainly clear piece lets you see the smoke in action and colored accents make it more interesting. The mouthpiece, percolator, joint and bowl handle can be found in blue, milky blue, milky green, milky pink or milky purple.

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