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Squall 8.5" Rig

Squall 8.5" Rig

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A dab rig that turns into a bong on demand, looks wicked and performs like a beast. It's made from quality borosilicate glass and decorated with colored accents throughout. It has two percolators, an inline and a honeycomb disc. These two will filter the hell out of your smoke and you'll get to enjoy massive rips of pure flavor from both your herbs and concentrates.

It's also packed with goodies. You'll get a vapor dome, a quartz nail and banger, and a herb bowl. The sleek design and classic shape are kept stable by a pretty thick round base. This 8.5-inch hybrid rig is easy to use, easy to clean, packed with goodies, and lets you enjoy the best of both worlds. Oh, and it comes in a selection of awesome colors, too.

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