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LOKKBOXX - humidor Box How To Keep Weed Fresh ?

LOKKBOXX - humidor Box How To Keep Weed Fresh ?

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LOKKBOXX - Showcase your curations in our uniquely designed humidor stash box.

Regular humidity pack/sachets can be costly and management within each container burdensome. Featuring a hidden channel connecting all the chambers, humidity control becomes centralized. While recurring costs are diminished with the use of food safe hydro beads. In addition, humidity levels can now be easily increased or decreased with the amount of hydro beads used.

Each bell glass chamber can hold approximately 3.5g of whole herb or 1g of grounded herbs. Edibles(excluding chocolate) may also be stored. Made from borosilicate glass, they will pass a 20 inch drop on concrete.

Additional items includes hygrometer, grinder, pollen crusher, glass markers, cleaning brushes, silicone bands, magnifying card, charcoal filters and approx. 1.5 years of hydro beads. 

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