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HoneyStick Quatro 510 Thread Battery

HoneyStick Quatro 510 Thread Battery

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The Cube Stick 510 Thread Battery
If you want an ultimate stick battery but don't want it rolling off your desk, or want a solid high-performance feel, Quatro by HoneyStick is the perfect battery. Who says that a 510 pen battery has to be round? This cube can fit in your pocket very snugly with your favorite 510 thread prefilled cartridge and with its new deluxe Camo and Rainbow color units is sure to steal the show. So we know it looks good but this baby also packs a punch and has the performance to back it up. It has 400 MAH capacity meaning you can run this workhorse long and hard before needing a charger, it has 3 power settings maxing out at 4.2 Volts also a useful preheat function. To make things simple it has a micro USB charging port on the foot of the battery and 15W of output performance.

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