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Four Piece Premium Shred It Herb Grinder

Four Piece Premium Shred It Herb Grinder

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The 4 Piece Grinder from Sherd it herbs delivers a light, fluffy texture with a few simple twists. This premium weed grinder has diamond-shaped shredding teeth and a kief collection chamber. The grinder is engraved with Sherd it logo. Pair this herb grinder with other dope smoking accessories, from rolling papers to lighters and beyond, for your next sweet sesh. This Four Piece Premium Shred It Herb Grinder is 62mm, available in four colors; Black, Red, Blue and Purple

Strong Magnetic Top Design to Ensure the Lid is Closed and Secure
Smooth Grinding Experience
Mesh Sifting Screen for Fine Pollen Filtering
Pollen Collection Chamber on the Bottom
Razor Sharp Teeth for Precise Grinding Action
Kief Scraper

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