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Complete Medium Grow Room Package

Complete Medium Grow Room Package

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Complete Grow Room Package for Serious Indoor Cultivators

Are you a serious indoor cultivator looking for a complete grow room package that will help you achieve the highest yield possible? Look no further than the Complete Grow Room Package from Yield Lab. This package includes everything you need to create a perfect environment for your plants, from the lighting system to the climate control and vital accessories.

Complete Grow Room Package Features:

  • 2x 600w HPS Air Cool Hood: These air-cooled hoods help keep your grow room temperature down, which is critical for plant growth and yield.

  • 2x Yield Lab Digital Dimming Ballast: These digital dimming ballasts allow you to control the intensity of your grow lights, giving you maximum flexibility for different stages of plant growth.

  • 2x Yield Lab HPS Bulb: High-Pressure Sodium bulbs provide the perfect spectrum of light for flowering plants, giving you bigger, denser buds.

  • 2x Rope Ratchet Assembly Pair: These easy-to-use rope ratchets make it simple to adjust the height of your grow lights as your plants grow.

  • 2x 24Hr 120V Mechanical Timer: These timers ensure that your grow lights turn on and off at the right time every day, helping to create a consistent environment for your plants.

  • 1x 6" Charcoal Filter: This filter helps to remove unwanted odors and impurities from the air in your grow room, ensuring that your plants get the clean air they need to thrive.

  • 2x 6" High Output 440 CFM Air Duct Fan: These powerful fans provide excellent air circulation and ventilation in your grow room, helping to regulate temperature and humidity.

  • 2x 6"x8' Insulated Foil Ducting Ventilation: This insulated foil ducting helps to keep the air in your grow room at the right temperature, reducing the need for additional cooling or heating.

  • 1x Yield Lab Digital Thermo Hydrometer: This digital device measures the temperature and humidity in your grow room, giving you the data you need to create the perfect environment for your plants.

  • 1x Active Air Wall Fan: This wall-mounted fan provides additional air circulation, helping to prevent hot spots and ensuring that all parts of your plants get the air they need.

  • 1x 4' x 50' 2mil on White MYLAR: This reflective film helps to maximize the amount of light your plants receive by reflecting it back onto the leaves and buds.

  • 1x 24 Hr 120V 8-Way Power Strip Timer: This power strip timer makes it easy to control all the electrical devices in your grow room, ensuring that they turn on and off at the right time.

With Yield Lab's Complete Grow Room Package, you'll have everything you need to create the perfect environment for your indoor plants, resulting in bigger yields and better quality harvests. Order today !

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