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Chemical Mix

Chemical Mix

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Introducing the DEA Mixpack, a powerful combination of three feminized marijuana strains that will leave you mesmerized. With this mixpack, you'll experience a range of euphorias that only the most potent strains can offer. The Chemdawg strain is perfect for amateur smokers seeking an intense cerebral high. The LSD strain delivers a heavy-body psychedelic high and is energizing, making it useful for treating fatigue. The Green Crack strain is a light-bodied strain with an uplifting high that induces happy feelings, making it helpful for depression and stress.

Chemdawg is a marijuana strain that is surrounded by myths, but the undeniable potency of its 26% THC is not. This 80% indica and 20% sativa strain is ideal for eliminating stress, easing pain, and treating insomnia by inducing sleep. Despite being challenging to grow, it yields up to 28 ounces per square meter, making it worth the effort.

LSD is an indica dominant hybrid strain of Cannabis that delivers a heavy-body psychedelic high. With a CBD level that can reach 5%, it's useful for treating pain, anxiety, and depression. The LSD strain of marijuana is very easy to grow, making it a dream for amateur cultivators. It flourishes best in sheltered areas where it can receive plenty of warmth and sunshine, yielding up to 18 ounces of Cannabis per plant.

Green Crack is a very potent strain of Cannabis with up to a 21% THC content level. This strain smells like earthy mangos, with the flavors of citrusy pine, sweet, and earthy. It's a 60% sativa and 40% indica strain that rose to popularity when it was given the name Green Crack by the legendary rap artist Snoop Dogg. This strain is easy to cultivate and resistant to powdery mildew, yielding up to 20 ounces of usable marijuana per plant.

With the DEA Mixpack, you'll save up to $168 while enjoying the world-class potency of Chemdawg, the couch-lock psychedelic high of the LSD strain, and the light-bodied effects of Green Crack. Order now and experience the powerful high that experienced marijuana lovers can appreciate.

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