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Bergman's Plant Protector

Bergman's Plant Protector

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Are you tired of worrying about the harmful effects of pests and diseases on your crops? Look no further than Bergman's Plant Protector! Our plant protection system includes the Bug Blaster, Root Protector, and Mold Control to keep your plants healthy and strong.

Bergman's Bug Blaster is a powerful insecticide that kills harmful pests like caterpillars, aphids, and spider mites. It also contains a foliar feed that boosts your plants' immune system, helping them fight off diseases. To use, simply mix 5ml of Bug Blaster in a quart of water and spray it on your plants every five to ten days.

Our Root Protector is a special bacteria army for your crops, fighting off diseases that harm and kill your plants. The healthy bacteria in the Root Protector position themselves near your plants' roots, enjoying a diet of deadly bacteria that cause Pythium and Fusarium. Meanwhile, your plants absorb the protector into their roots, strengthening their immune systems. To use, dissolve 0.25 to 0.5ml of Root Protector in a quart of water and apply it evenly among your plants every five to ten days.

Mold Control is a fast-acting solution that stops the development of molds and fungi on your plants. It protects against leaf septoria, botrytis, rust, powdery mildew, and other common diseases that can destroy your entire crop. To use, mix 5ml of Mold Control in a quart of water and spray it on your plants every five to ten days.

Bergman's Plant Protector comes securely packed and sealed in air-tight packaging, so you can store your plant protection nutrients for long periods of time. We guarantee the arrival of our products and offer free, unregistered shipping to the US. Orders are shipped within two business days, and the product usually arrives within two weeks but may take up to five weeks to arrive.

Don't let pests and diseases ruin your crops! Order Bergman's Plant Protector today and enjoy the benefits of healthy, strong plants.


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