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Bee-Master Oil Vape Pen Battery Kit

Bee-Master Oil Vape Pen Battery Kit

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Bee-Master Oil Vape Kit Highlights:
- Preheat Function
- 500 mAh Twist Battery
- Variable Voltage between 2.0V - 4.0V with a twist knob
- Ultra High-Quality Chameleon Paint Job
- Great wallet case for transport
- Amazing trim and finishes
- Battery and screws just scream quality with first touch

In this video, Dan Hoff unveils the best 510 thread vape battery for pre-filled cartridges. This battery is a 3 temperature ultra high-quality multicolored battery specifically designed to vape 510 thread prefilled oil cartridges. Dan runs through all of the technical specs and reviews all the characteristics that make this perfect vape battery the best small-sized battery for oil cartridges.

Oil Vape Kit for 510 Thread Prefilled Oil Cartridges
The HoneyStick Bee-Master Oil Vape Kit for 510 Thread Prefilled Oil Cartridges
The latest battery for your 510 thread Prefilled oil vape cartridges is the stylish and powerful multi-color Bee-Master by Honeystick. This sexy little vape comes in a sleek and thin wallet case with cutouts for your Battery, USB Charger, and vape cartridge. The case is a High gloss Black with a smooth high-quality finish with a buckle clip to lock it secure for transport when on the go. Now the Battery Power-plant is where this bee has its Sting. First of all, it has a limited edition beautiful non-Staining minimal fingerprint multi-color Chameleon Paint Job that has several coats and is Super Car Quality with the accentuated HONEY STICK LOGO. The Battery is very compact in size with a 500 mAh capacity. Due to this great feature, the HoneyStick twist battery fires most 510 thread carts on the market without trouble. The twist battery has the voltage adjustments option between 2.0V - 4.0V with a twist knob at the bottom. This 510 Thread Battery also has an advanced pre-heat function and the perfect set button resistance that screams quality. If you want a Stick battery for your 510 thread Oil cartridges that stands out from the Pack, is small and sleek and all so right the Bee master is the way to go.

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