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Amsterdam Mix

Amsterdam Mix

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A way to enjoy the same quality weed as you would in Amsterdam but at a much better price? The Amsterdam Mix is your answer. With this mix, you can grow three of the most appreciated marijuana strains worldwide in the comfort of your own home, all while saving up to $148. And the best part? They're feminized seeds for guaranteed results.

The White Widow strain is one of the most popular strains out there, especially in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. With average THC levels of 19%, this slightly indica-dominant hybrid delivers a pleasant burst of euphoria, happiness, and relaxation just minutes after inhaling. But that's not all – White Widow is also an easy strain to grow, even for beginners. It has been said to help with anxiety, depression, stress, ADD/ADHD, insomnia, and pain, but the real draw of White Widow is how it makes people feel.

For those seeking a bit more indica, Power Plant is the answer. This highly dominant sativa strain originates in the Netherlands and is on just about every coffee shop menu you can find in Amsterdam. With medium CBD levels and up to 20% THC, Power Plant makes people feel energized, talkative, and social. Some people have reported relief from headaches or migraines, eating problems or lack of appetite, stress, depression, fatigue, or general types of pain. Growing Power Plant is stable and not too difficult to grow.

As opposed to the previous indica-dominant Dutch classics, Jack Herer is dominant in its sativa side. It has low CBD levels and pretty high THC levels (20%). This fruity, woody strain is easy to grow and has a decent yield. It has been said to help with mood disorders, such as nervousness, anxiety, depression, and stress-related conditions, as well as provide added energy and pain relief. If you are able to grow it outdoors, it may be ideal, as it can get pretty tall.

In summary, the Amsterdam Mix is the perfect way to enjoy some of the most appreciated marijuana strains worldwide from the comfort of your own home, all while saving up to $148. So why wait? Order now and start growing!

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