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AC Infinity 2' x 4' Advanced Grow Tent Kit

AC Infinity 2' x 4' Advanced Grow Tent Kit

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The Advance Grow System B24 is a comprehensive kit that provides an ideal environment for indoor plant growth. The kit includes a premium grow tent, an intelligent controller that automates each fan and light with individual programs, a next-gen EC inline fan, an EC circulator clip fan, and a full-spectrum grow light. The kit also includes a carbon filter, ducting, fabric pots, pruning snips, and more. The intelligent controller allows for the setting of climate triggers, schedules, and grow cycles, as well as the accessing of data graphs, alerts, and programs via Bluetooth App.

The AC Infinity app can be used to remotely access the devices, unlock advance programs, set alarms and notifications, view historical charts, and export CSV data. The kit provides all the essential components needed to quickly start an indoor grow while eliminating the guesswork of purchasing them individually. The product is part of the UIS™ platform of grow devices and smart controllers, designed to integrate with each other to achieve the ideal environment. 

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