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The Complete 6.5x6.5ft LED Hydro Indoor Grow System

The Complete 6.5x6.5ft LED Hydro Indoor Grow System

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 Grow like a pro with the Complete 6.5x6.5ft LED Hydro Indoor Grow System. This innovative setup is the future of indoor gardening, and we're proud to offer it to you.

The LED grow light covers a 42 sqft. area wall to wall, thanks to its 1x Advance Spectrum 900W Sun Series. This powerful and efficient grow light emits an equivalent of a 1200w HPS system (standard) but runs 110w less, saving you money on energy bills while maintaining a strong light source.

Streamline your gardening process with the hydroponic system by AirCube Hydroponics, which can house 12 adult-sized plants, feed them all simultaneously, and only needs to be maintained about once a week. The programmable system lets you spend less time in your garden and more time doing whatever you want, whether that's marveling at your crop or pursuing other interests.

If you're new to indoor gardening, our exclusive DVD setup and grow guide will walk you through every step of the process, from setup to harvest. And once you're up and running, our 12-week grow guide will show you the most efficient way to utilize your grow tent system.

Don't settle for less when it comes to your indoor gardening. Upgrade to our Complete 6.5x6.5ft LED Hydro Indoor Grow System and experience the future of indoor gardening today.

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