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420 Rolling Tray

420 Rolling Tray

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It's 4:20 somewhere. Bring this sturdy, aluminum tray on the go, or keep it at home for sick sessions. Remember, it's always 4:20 with this tray. Grab it in small or medium!

Made from quality aluminum this tray has been designed to be able to take a beating. The small size measures 18 x 14 cm / 7 x 5.5 inches and the medium size measures 27 x 16 cm / 10.6 x 6.2 inches, which make it the perfect size to take along with you to easily roll one up whilst you are out and about. The tray has a non-stick rolling surface and is equipped with round edges, which prevents your herbs and tobacco from getting stuck in the corners.

  • Made from aluminum
  • Compact design
  • Non-stick rolling surface
  • Round edges
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