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Cash Crop Plus - Hydroponics Grow Box Garden System

Cash Crop Plus - Hydroponics Grow Box Garden System

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  • Beginner friendly, automated grow box only requires 5 minutes of work per week to change water and nutrients.
  • Grows high quality plants in 60-90 days in a DWC hydroponics system. Soil produces lesser quality plants.
  • Includes everything you need to grow except for the seeds and water.
  • No installation needed. Just a basic setup which is explained in the instructions.
  • Fast, plain box shipping.
  • 7 day a week tech support.
  • Lifetime warranty on everything except lights which are a 1 year warranty.
  • Hand-cut and painted wooden frame.

    120mm high powered fans with built in odor blocking carbon filters.

    Quasar LED lighting (full spectrum).

    2 side lights.

    Air pump.

    Water pump.

    2 plant reservoir.

    2 net cups.

    2 starter plugs.

    Vinyl tubing.

    Air stone.

    Clay pebbles.

    Odor deodorizer block.

    5mm pipette.

    PH Perfect Advanced Nutrients (automatically PHs the plants saving you time).

    Timer/Power strip combo.

    Easy to follow instructions and nutrient feeding chart.

    Arrives fully assembled.

    24/7 phone and email tech support.

    Free, stealth, plain box shipping.

    Lifetime Warranty

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